Intersea seafood

Cook the sea food like a professional

Want shrimps, whelks, crab or langoustines? Did you spot knives or cockles at the fishmonger? We are used to finding them already cooked at the merchants or in supermarkets, but preparing oneself crustaceans, shells or molluscs can ensure a perfect cooking, to his taste. Today, to compose a beautiful plate of seafood you will have to take into account several criteria: your tastes, your budget, the rarefaction of certain species and the seasonality. Let's not forget that summer is the perfect season to enjoy shellfish such as lobster, lobster and langoustine. Back from a fishing trip or market, it's time to cook your seafood!

What's on a seafood platter?

A beautiful seafood platter is a delight like no other for lovers! Shellfish and shellfish have a good reputation for providing healthy minerals and trace elements. The seafood platter consists of a balanced presentation of cooked crustaceans and shellfish cooked or raw depending on the species. Generally it consists of lobster, lobster, cake or spider for large pieces and prawns and langoustines for smaller, oysters, mussels, clams, periwinkles, whelks, clams, cockles and some sea urchins can complete the plateau . Shrimps, whelks, langoustines, lobsters, cockles, scallops, oysters, knives ... We know how to taste them, but not necessarily cook them.

Seafood recipes

Sea urchins, mussels, shrimps, oysters ... When seafood escapes from their tray to be cooked, it gives tasty iodine recipes. Take the opportunity, summer days to prepare planchas with the seafood that will make you want: prawns, shrimp mussels, scallops or squid. Seafood often requires preparation and special cooking in their recipes, prepare your shellfish, shellfish and crustaceans simply thanks to the simplicity of griddling. Make lots of recipe ideas to prepare these seafood in an original way and enjoy the summer as it should.There are recipes like,Stroganoff shrimps this recipe is all the rage when I prepare it for my guests. If the ingredients interest you, you'll love it! Shrimp mousse a simple recipe that serves as an appetizer. Serve on a lettuce leaf.

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