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Worms for dinner?

On our land, earthworms make up 80% of the total weight of terrestrial animals and are the primary source of protein. Many peoples consume small quantities of meat or fish. They add insects to their menu as a source of protein. Scientists identify more than 1500 edible insects on land, consumed in refined foods in some countries or grilled as in Asia, insects are an economical and nutritious food, so why not try? Jiminisis a rather extraordinary web site. Indeed, on the menu of this restaurant, you will find worms ... Appetizing no?

Eat cooked earthworms

Jiminis is a website of the city that offers insects to its card. And it's pretty good! We must choose between grasshoppers, bamboo worms, silkworms, crickets, black crickets or giant water bugs ... Whole or cut into sections, according to your culinary tastes with onions or shallots , returned to the pan with butter or a drizzle of olive oil, and salted slightly at the end of cooking. If you cook worms of different sizes, the small worms will be too seized, while the big ones will miss cooking. Start with the large worms and add the small ones at the end of cooking no longer hesitate contact the site.

Eat dried earthworms

"Cool" worms prepared in the freezer for 30 minutes. Place the worms in a plate on a layer of paper towels, then expose them to the burning sun of the summer to dry them. Place a protective food film and monitor. Discover to ventilate a few seconds if moisture appears on the film. Several hours are necessary for complete hardening and good preservation. You will also find recipes like: Earthworms Tartars, Soup to the earthworms. You can also eat raw earthworms if you do not want to look like it, or in a salad with a drizzle of walnut oil and balsamic vinegar.

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